What type of event is this anyway?

When you think of a wedding, you probably have some solid preconceived notions of what one looks like.  Every generation and culture seems to have their own traditions, and it can be hard to break away from them when planning your own wedding.  Now I’m not saying that embracing the garter toss, cutting the cake, first dance notions isn’t great… if that’s what you want.  I’m in a unique position of having been married once, and while it was a beautiful day, I now have the opportunity to stop, think, and really tailor this wedding to suit me… us.

Before I was even engaged, I was searching for wedding venues online.  Since I knew I was going to have a civil ceremony, I figured it would be best to find a venue that could accommodate both the wedding and reception.    Before picking out a venue, we tried to narrow down what design theme we wanted to play with.  (We’re both artsy nerds.)  Since we don’t have a lot of money to spend, I realized it’s more efficient and affordable to choose a venue that gels well with our theme, rather than start completely from scratch.  (More on the theme in a future post!)  Trevor and I weren’t 100% what we wanted, but we had a few ideas:

– Nothing too country.  While we love spending time outdoors, hay, twine and burlap just isn’t our style.

– Nothing too formal.  We want our event to be special, but we don’t want to be eating food we can’t pronounce or worrying about our kids breaking something.

– Family friendly.  The girls will be 8 and 7 on our wedding day, and about 1/5 of our guests are kids.

– Setting with unique elements.  Hotel ballrooms and conference rooms can be fantastic wedding venues, but they just didn’t feel right for us.

– Affordable without being cheap.  We hoped it wasn’t too much to ask that we could find a beautiful location with quality food at a reasonable price.  It turns out that this is trickier than we thought.

Here are some of Ottawa-area venues that made our shortlist:

Le Belvederehttp://www.lebelvedere.ca/en/ottawa-wedding-venue.html

– The venue has both indoor and outdoor ceremony locations.  Check out the cliff-side wedding arbor with the gorgeous view.

At The Schoolhousehttp://www.attheschoolhouse.ca/

– Considering Trevor and I are both teachers, this venue called to us.  It’s an adorable blend of something old and something new.

Econiche Househttp://www.econichehouse.com/en/wedding/

– If you’re looking for a place to have a weekend wedding with room for 20-40 guests staying overnight, this is a gorgeous option.

The venue we finally chose is the Orchard View Wedding and Conference Centre.  More details about the venue will come out in future vid

For an overview of the Who What When Why and Hows of wedding planning, check out my latest vlog:



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