Faces of Joy

Here I go again!

Seven months ago today I completed my first 365 blog: A Year of Joy.    Sure it took me 721 days, but who’s counting? Oh right, ME!  And the rest of the world.  Damn.  Still. I completed my project and managed a few ramblings afterwards.  I was pleased, but not satisfied.

If I had any talent in photography, I’d love this next project to look something like Le Mien – An Ottawa 100 Strangers Project.  It’s an absolutely beautiful blog, and I’m not just saying that because I’m #66.   I barely consider myself talented with this writing…. um… thing, but my short and sweet musings will have to do.

I’ve always been blessed with a large circle of friends, but sometimes this blessing has felt like I curse.  I’ve never really had many (as the kids would say) BFFs.  There are so many people I honestly love and adore, but just haven’t developed the sort of relationship whereby we “hang out”. Most of the people I consider my closest friends I’m lucky if I speak to on a weekly basis.  To put things into perspective, the only reason why I recently talk to my sister on a more regular basis is because she now has an iPhone and we can text easily.   Otherwise it’s not unusual for me to see some of my best friends less than a dozen times a year.  Some, much much less than that.

So why is that?  I have two kids, a half-dozen jobs on the go (not an exaggeration), and a loving boyfriend.   These are the excuses I’ve often  used to justify something that is much simpler than that: This is just who I am.  A good friend to many.  Time and distance doesn’t phase me much.  I may not see my friends a lot, but that doesn’t mean that I care any less and my true friends know this.  If they need me I’m there, and I know I can count of them for the same.

But why do I feel the need to still justify this?  Because no matter how much I know I care, I don’t always appreciate.  There are many people who bring me great joy and I want to make sure I don’t take that for granted.

So, no time limits.  No schedule.  For as long as it takes, I’ll post about 100 people (or groups of people)… besties, acquaintances, almost-strangers… I’ll share a bit about who they are and what makes them delightful.

I believe that, though much of our identity is inherent, our true self is shaped by our experiences and our encounters.  I hope you take pleasure from the many faces that bring me joy and help make me who I am today.

4 thoughts on “Faces of Joy

  1. You know, I can relate to this. I too consider myself to have some great friends, close friends, but I do not speak to them on a daily basis. My reason for it is because we are all just so busy nowadays. Poor excuse, perhaps.

  2. I totally get and appreciate this Natalie… good luck with this newest project – added to your list of 1,000,000 other projects!

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