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#11 – Kate

#11 – Kate

My friend Kate has given me an amazing opportunity: the chance to direct again.  I’m not just directing any play.  I’ll be working in the theatre for young audiences realm, specifically for kids 5 to 9.  Wheee!   I feel like Kate and I have a special bond.  We have daughters near the same age.  … Continue reading

#10 – Aron

#10 – Aron

After over two years of not seeing each other, we finally meet for coffee. He uses the word “cunt” in one of his first stories, and then apologises for his language. I laugh.  Has it been that long?  Has he forgotten who I am?  Cunt doesn’t bother me… neither does any of the other expletives … Continue reading

#9 – Melanie

#9 – Melanie

So I had a date with my friend Andrew to see a play at the University of Ottawa. This girl saw us in the lobby and essentially tagged along for the rest of the night. I didn’t mind. It’s theatre. It’s a social occasion. It’s not like we’re going to be talking during the performance. … Continue reading

Day 304 – Friends

I stumbled on this canvas at the Shenkman. A particular piece of paper caught my eye. Reminded me of fortunate I am.

Day 294-297 – Green / Art / Moon / Sun

Day 294 – I recently re-redecorated my basement office.  It seems that in the short year I’ve lived in my house, this room has undergone at least three transformations.  I was never happy with how it looked and I don’t think the room was ever happy with what it was meant to be. (Boy that … Continue reading

Day 284-287 Growing Up (Or Not)

Day 284 – This little bit of beauty was a big deal to me:   I turned 31. To say that my thirties have been an, um,  adventure so far is a gross understatement.  Raised as an only child having only met my 1/2 sister 13 years ago, I always looked forward to birthday for … Continue reading

Day 240 – 245 – Where did It go?

When I started this blog, I got so much enjoyment out of finding special bits of beauty where I least expected it.  Right now, I feel so drained most days that writing even this small blog seems like a chore.   It really isn’t though.  It’s kind of like exercise.  Sometimes I don’t feel like doing … Continue reading

Day 217 – Kindred Spirits

I love watching these two.  They work so amazingly well together.  Not only are they supremely talented, but they genuinely love what they do.  This is something my Mom often jokes about when talking about doing theatre:  “If it ain’t fun, I ain’t doin it.”  I firmly believe that my mom is loved so much … Continue reading

Day 196 – I’m Yours (kid-style)

I spent a lot of time on Day 195’s beautiful thing yesterday and I rediscovered videos of this amazingly talented kid playing the ukulele.  You might have already seen him because some of his videos have gone viral.  Still, he is worth watching over and over again.  What he does is art in some of … Continue reading

Day 111 – Lunch Break

I had lunch all by my lonesome today at The Table. For the first 10 minutes, I felt stressed out, compelled to read my emails on my iPhone and look busy. Eventually, I relaxed. I put the phone down. I looked out of the window. I took a proper lunch Break with a capital B. … Continue reading