Day 188-189 – Mindlessness

Day 188 – Stewart gave me the most appropriate post-festival present he could have given me: LEGO Harry Potter for the Wii. I know, this probably wasn’t what you were expecting, but it’s a beautiful thing to me.  After all the thinking, deciding, trying, expecting, anticipating and generally hard-working, this game is perfect for me.  It’s my love of Harry Potter + my love of games that are easy to play (i.e. involve lots of running around and shooting at random things) all in one easy package.  After a month of not being able to shut down my brain, this does the job perfectly.

Day 189 – I’ve found a new level of multitasking that I wasn’t able to do before – bathe the babies AND paint my toenails.  To all the single ladies out there this must seem ridiculous, but having kids can really cut into your personal grooming time.  And I also used to be too paranoid about being more than a few inches away from the bath to get anything done other than washing the kids.  But they’re a bit older now and as long as there are bubbles in the bath, they’re happy for at least 10 minutes… which means I’ve now found 10 minutes to myself (provided I spend that time in the bathroom, of course.)

Strange how moms find ways of being by themselves even when they’re surrounded with kids.  It kind of reminds me of a commercial for chocolate I once saw (or was it coffee?)… where the mom eats a piece of chocolate and all the sound of the chaotic children creating a mess simply fades away.


Day 68 – Vacation

When I was in the bath tonight, I noticed something. If I lay back far enough to be able to look at the water’s surface, it can seem like I’m in one if those infinity pools showcased in many seaside resort brochures. Gentle blue waves of a pool blending with the ocean waves far off in the distance. I could practically feel the warm breeze and hear the palm tree leaves swaying.

The green rubber frog floating by kind of disrupted the moment, but it was great while it lasted.