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#1 – Mes Amours

#1 – Mes Amours

Let’s get the two most obvious (and important) ones out of the way, shall we? I see myself in them every day. The good parts, and the not-so-good parts. I think they are amazingly beautiful, especially when feverish or covered in dirt from the park. They push my buttons. They test my patience. They are … Continue reading

Day 324 – Why This Old Thing?

I was having a family picnic/backyard camping adventure at my parents’ place when I noticed the garage. This structure has been around for as long as I can remember. I even have vague memories of it being moved from the south end of the property to east of the house when my parents wanted a … Continue reading

Day 319 – Coffee Substitute

When I wake up certain (let’s face it, most) mornings, I am exhausted.  I need a coffee in bed so I am awake enough to go make myself coffee.  See the problem? However, I have a new solution.  Inevitably, my beautiful 2.5 year old always comes to join for me some morning cuddles.  Here’s a … Continue reading

Day 306 – Home

Family Day. Hanging out at home with my parents. Took a quiet moment to stare out of the window of my childhood bedroom. Peaceful.

Day 305 – Bling

42 days into my 45 straight workdays without a day off, and I come home to find this on my pillow. Not only did my amazing friend Bryony take two babysitting shifts at the last minute, she also brought gear with her so my little ladies could make me a beautiful present. I’m such a … Continue reading

Day 304 – Friends

I stumbled on this canvas at the Shenkman. A particular piece of paper caught my eye. Reminded me of fortunate I am.

Day 298-301 – Fall Fun

Day 298 –     I can’t take credit for this shot.  I found it somewhere on Flickr when I was searching for suitable print ideas for my home office.  Red, in all its tones and variations, is still my favorite color.   Day 298 – I’m sensing a theme here.   Day 300 – … Continue reading

Day 294-297 – Green / Art / Moon / Sun

Day 294 – I recently re-redecorated my basement office.  It seems that in the short year I’ve lived in my house, this room has undergone at least three transformations.  I was never happy with how it looked and I don’t think the room was ever happy with what it was meant to be. (Boy that … Continue reading

Day 288-290 – Pour moi?

Day 288 –       Day 289 – When my sis is in town she always makes herself at home, which is nice because I don’t feel like I’m entertaining a guest.  It’s just like she lives here.  Complete with putting my kids in time-out and emptying the dishwasher.  All in all, she rocks. … Continue reading