#1 – Mes Amours

Let’s get the two most obvious (and important) ones out of the way, shall we?

I see myself in them every day.

The good parts, and the not-so-good parts.

I think they are amazingly beautiful, especially when feverish or covered in dirt from the park.

They push my buttons.

They test my patience.

They are growing so fast it makes my heart ache.

With every day that goes by the room on my lap gets smaller and the grocery bill gets larger.

With every day that goes by I forget more and more how they would coo, how they first crawled, what it felt like to rock them to sleep.

But today I got tackled by a toddler run-hug.

And watched as puzzle pieces were methodically put in the correct place.

And listened to mini-nerds in training play with Star Trek Next Generation action figures.

I have a reminder of how amazing life is, every day.

I just wish that reminder came at 8am instead of 6am.

Maman est fatiguée.

Day 324 – Why This Old Thing?


I was having a family picnic/backyard camping adventure at my parents’ place when I noticed the garage. This structure has been around for as long as I can remember. I even have vague memories of it being moved from the south end of the property to east of the house when my parents wanted a new paved driveway. I also remember thinking that it was weird to move a garage. That old thing? Why bother? Wouldn’t be cheaper to build a new one?

Yesterday I stood in the garage, looking up at the underside of the roof, at the walls, at the electrical wiring. There’s proof the building has been moved and updated: window frames have been reinforced, garage door opener is shinier than the last, garage door frame is a clean white (minus the black scuff I made with the driver’s side mirror last year…shhh). The ceiling now has makeshift storage for extra bits of wood, insulation, stuffs. But it was when I was looking past all of that that something really grabbed my attention. The dark brown wide wooden planks that make up the original structure aren’t particularly pretty to look at. They really stand out next to the more pristine modern plywood, 2x4s and vinyl siding.

A quick conversation with my dad over wine revealed a lot. It turns out my grandfather built the garage over 40 years ago. Those planks of wood may even be from the old family barn. My dad remembers parking his first car in that garage.

I still don’t know if they moved the garage because it was cheaper than building a new one. I didn’t ask. It’s more fun to think my Dad chose to keep it for memories’ sake, sentimental value even. The family barn and farmland are long gone, but a bit of family history still remains.

Day 319 – Coffee Substitute

When I wake up certain (let’s face it, most) mornings, I am exhausted.  I need a coffee in bed so I am awake enough to go make myself coffee.  See the problem?

However, I have a new solution.  Inevitably, my beautiful 2.5 year old always comes to join for me some morning cuddles.  Here’s a sample of how joyfully potent she is:

Day 305 – Bling

42 days into my 45 straight workdays without a day off, and I come home to find this on my pillow. Not only did my amazing friend Bryony take two babysitting shifts at the last minute, she also brought gear with her so my little ladies could make me a beautiful present.

I’m such a girl.
I love a little bling.

Day 298-301 – Fall Fun

Day 298 –


Red Water


I can’t take credit for this shot.  I found it somewhere on Flickr when I was searching for suitable print ideas for my home office.  Red, in all its tones and variations, is still my favorite color.


Day 298 –


I’m sensing a theme here.


Day 300

Mr. Happy Halloween



Day 301 –


The load




Day 294-297 – Green / Art / Moon / Sun

Day 294 –

I recently re-redecorated my basement office.  It seems that in the short year I’ve lived in my house, this room has undergone at least three transformations.  I was never happy with how it looked and I don’t think the room was ever happy with what it was meant to be. (Boy that was a hippy thing for me to say.)  After a bit of thought and a trip to Ikea, my home office is finally feeling good.    I think the biggest contributor to this, other than the new red shag area rug, was the addition of two single green bamboo stalks.  It’s amazing how adding a live plant in a room  brightens everything up.  It also gives me something pretty to stare at whebn I’m procrastinating from work.

Day 295 –

I had the pleasure of attending Justin Van Leeuwen’s canvas print launch.  My absolute favorite of his available prints is this one.  If you agree or want to see more, you can buy his amazing stuff here.

Day 296 –

Tiny Moon

Day 297 –

Here’s a PDF of my eldest’s most recent work of art – Le Soleil.  She’s quite bold with her choices.

Day 288-290 – Pour moi?

Day 288 –


What girl doesn't want a free gift from Sephora for her birthday?



Day 289 – When my sis is in town she always makes herself at home, which is nice because I don’t feel like I’m entertaining a guest.  It’s just like she lives here.  Complete with putting my kids in time-out and emptying the dishwasher.  All in all, she rocks. But she rocked particularly this day because she served me homemade roasted butternut squash soup for lunch.  A yummy lunch that I didn’t have to make for myself?  Yes please!


Day 290

Pretty balloons for my small but mighty family birthday party