#3 – Michelle

Smart and sassy, Michelle is one of my longest friends.  We met doing community theatre and I was amazed with her positive spirit, grace, and beautiful voice.

She moved away for university and then spent what felt like forever building a career for herself, eventually starting her own ESL school in Japan.  Needless to say keeping in touch was difficult.

Her life hasn’t always been easy but she’s strong, determined, and fierce.

Sadly, she forgets how amazing she is sometime.  I take it upon myself to remind her as often as I can.

She’s recently moved back to Canada and will be (any second now) embarking on her biggest challenge yet… motherhood.  I can only imagine how excited and terrified she must be.  I know I was.  She’ll be living in Toronto once the baby’s born and, while I know that’s where her heart is leading her, I can’t help but be a bit sad that distance will come between us again.

Through ups and downs, her smile is always contagious.   Warm, creative, caring and exuberant, Michelle will be an amazing mom. Though our time in the same city has been brief, and I haven’t taken advantage of it like I should have, I plan on making sure she regularly knows how wonderful she is and how much I love her.

Day 85 – One Less Lonely Girl

Back in the day, when New Kids on the Block were big, I was That Girl.  I had the t-shirts.  The walls of my room were covered in their posters.  I went to one of their concerts in the pouring rain (with my dad).  I even had their dolls.

So these days, when I hear people hating on “Justin Bieber”, I get annoyed.  Because I remember being That Girl.  The pre-teen who wishes she could meet him.  The girl singing and dancing in her bedroom.  A plus, he’s Canadian.  A bigger plus, he’s got people like Ludacris and Usher working with him.  And the biggest biggest plus, he’s 16!  No wonder pre-teens girls are falling over for this guy!  (Not to mention that he does actually have some talent and has years ahead of him to – hopefully- develop.)

So to all the haters out there, just think for a second, were you ever That Girl?

Day 34 – Coming out of the Closet

Ok, I’ll admit it.  I’ll come out.

I am an avid song-maker-upper.

Please don’t judge me.

Maybe this stems from being raised as an only child and having lots of time to myself, chatting to my imaginary friends.   Creating scenarios, many of which involved spontaneous musical numbers.    Am I alone here?  Anybody?  …sigh.

You’d think that my urge to sing and make-up-stuff would be fueled by having kids.  That my need to stimulate and expand their little minds would inspire me to  create wondrous arias.   But no.  Not sure why not.  But no.

However, I noticed a change today.  Once the delivery men drove off, leaving me alone with my new-second-hand fridge and stove and brand-new freezer, I started singing.  I’ll spare you the details, but I will tell you that one song was simply titled “I love my appliances” and (in my mind’s “ears”) could rival any Taylor Swift song.

It was an incredibly silly, totally freeing  and absolutely beautiful moment.

You may now mock me viciously.