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Day 202-205 – My Vacation (Part 1)

Day 202 – Being plan-less and clock-less is enough to drive me insane.  I try to know where my iPhone is at all times so I can instantly access information that will keep me on track, focussed and on deadline.  It makes me feel safe. But there’s something about being on holiday that changes all … Continue reading

Day 190 – Anticipation Part Deux

The last time I wrote about anticipation was the night before I got on a plane for a business trip.  This time, my trip isn’t for almost two weeks but the anticipation is already building up. I’ve daydreamt about my last two weeks of July for a while now.  I will finally be taking some … Continue reading

Day 152 – Getting High

Today, the Fringe was officially launched.  Tickets are now on sale for performances running from June 17th to the 27th.  Forgive me if this sounds like an advertisement.  It’s not meant to be. …though business-Natalie can’t help but spread the word as much as possible… I’ve been shaking all day.  The excitement was almost unbearable.  … Continue reading

Day 148-150 – Blossoming

Day 148: A seed of an idea was planted last year and it is finally coming to fruition. I don’t want to give too much away for those who aren’t in the know already, but I will talk more about it after the Ottawa Fringe media launch on Tuesday June 1st. I do have to … Continue reading

Day 143-145 – HOT

Day 143 – I still log on to Facebook, but I must admit it is quickly becoming less and less appealing to me.  It’s because of the multitude of privacy issues, but mainly I’m bored with it.  It takes up precious family time and there’s not much information that I can’t get from other sources.  … Continue reading

Day 74 – Shopping!

I am such a girl. Some of my tasks as Executive Producer of the Fringe are making a budget, using my powers of persuasion (and common sense) to get it approved and then spending the funds (with fiscal responsibility, of course!)   If it sounds like fun, it’s because it is. After many years of absence, … Continue reading