Day 212 – You Tell ‘Em

“You know what I like about growing old? Gaining the confidence to tell people off when they’re acting like a**holes.”
– Stewart Matthews

Day 198-200 – With Age Comes…

Day 198 – FLAB

I did a 20 minute workout, and it just about killed me.  But I’m choosing to look at this as a good thing.  When you’re young you take lots of things for granted, particularly being naturally lean and fit.  But now I’m not fit.  Some of that has to do with my gorgeous children.  Some of that can be blamed on enjoying chocolate and sweets to the point of addiction.  No matter what the cause, acknowledging that I’m not fit is a beautiful thing.  It makes life seem more immediate, more worth living.  It gives me motivation to be healthier so I can enjoy my kids and my chocolate (in moderation) for much, much longer.

Day 199 – CALM

I’ve had chronic dislocation of the patella since I was 16 and my knee popped out while doing “swinging of the leg”, one of my favorite step dancing moves.   Luckily, I’ve never required surgery and could get by with physiotherapy.  I haven’t had to worry much about my condition since I’ve stopped dancing too, because I’m no longer putting the same strain on my knees.  That is, until today.

One second I was standing near a bookcase and the next I was on the floor, all from simply turning around.   Good fortune was mine as I landed comfortably on a couch cushion that was left behind from a toddler adventure.   And I didn’t panic.  Even with two tiny children near me who just wanted to jump on me to hug me better.   When I was a teen, just the the stress of having the injury made it worse.  So I think I did myself a favor by not freaking out.  It’s bad, but not as bad as it could have been.


When I was watching TV with AJ, I heard the greatest answer to a simple question.  A bunch of young kids were asked “If you could be any age right now, how old would you be?”  My favorite answer was (and I quote roughly):  “I want to be 10 years old, because I could do things that big people do but still be a kid.”

I realised that even though I’m 30 that answer still totally applies to me.  Being 30 is great.  I get the respect from others because of my adult wisdom and responsible behavior, but I can still act like a kid because a) I’ve got two of them to kid around with and b) I work in a field where “play” is vital to its success.  I’ve got it pretty good.