Day 101-105 – This Too Shall Pass

In honor of the major ICK I had to deal with (and then recover from) over the past 5 days, here is some small beauties:

Day 101 – Mommies… no matter how much they can wind you up, there are times when I realise how lucky I am to have such a supportive family.

Day 102 – Beautiful bit of luck = Having only one of your two children sick at the same time as you. (An even more beautiful bit of luck would have been if my husband wasn’t also sick at the same time, but you can’t win them all.)

Day 103 – Water… beautifully clean, easy to drink, easy to find water.

Day 104 – Home ownership… and being smart enough to buy a place with two bathrooms.

Day 105 – A Breather… finding flowers (weeds?) in my backyard.

Day 46 – “Oh wow.”

I went to have dinner at my parent’s place tonight with my little family.  Both of my parents are heavily involved in a show and haven’t had a chance to see their grandkids much in the past couple of months.

It was a lovely evening, but the best part was right before we went home.  My parents live in a small village about 45 minutes outside of Ottawa and if it’s a clear night the sky is usually aglow with stars.  I’ve grown accustomed to them and I’ve only really “seen” them on two other occasions.  Once when we billeted a couple of young ladies from Montreal during a multicultural festival… they just couldn’t believe how many stars were in the sky.  The other time was my first weekend home after leaving for university.  My small hometown seemed magical to me.

Tonight A-J toddled over to the car wearing her PJs, winter coat and boots.   I pointed up to the sky and said: “Regardes les étoiles.”  She looked up, her eyes grew huge like saucers and she said “Oh, wow!”.  She then proceeded to try to jump up and catch them.

You gotta love that innocent ambition.