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Day 218 – L’embarras du choix

It’s on days like today… when I feel like ick… when life seems so hard… when I don’t know what to do with myself… that I try to remember that I’ve got it pretty good.  The biggest debate I had with myself today was trying to figure out the pros and cons of a) hiring … Continue reading

Day 93-98 – Sights and Sounds

My in-laws arrived last Thursday, so I’ve been quite busy.  Apologies for the late update, but here it is: Day 93 – Today was the first day I noticed buds on the trees.  I’m always fascinated by how one day there aren’t any, and the next the tree is full of them.   Buds on the … Continue reading

Day 37 – A Change is as Good as a Rest

We moved into our first home that we (i.e. the bank) own in early August 2009.  I promised myself that we’d live here for a year before doing any major redecorating.   There just doesn’t seem to be any point in drastically changing things until they’ve been given a chance.  That, and we can’t afford it … Continue reading