Day 218 – L’embarras du choix

It’s on days like today… when I feel like ick… when life seems so hard… when I don’t know what to do with myself… that I try to remember that I’ve got it pretty good.  The biggest debate I had with myself today was trying to figure out the pros and cons of a) hiring a cleaner to tidy my house once a month and/ or b) buying a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

I can’t really afford either option.  Though really, I can.  What I mean is, I don’t usually make choices to spend my (family) money on things that I will use most.  I didn’t hesitate to buy a new air mattress so AJ could have a comfy place to sleep when we camped.  That made sense.  And I guess buying a vacuum, or hiring a house cleaner, also makes sense for the family, but I feel ever-so selfish considering either option.

Strange how mum-guilt works its way into my brain?

Anyway, at the end of the day, there could be much worse issues for me to be contending with and many sadder debates to be had.  Life is good.

Day 93-98 – Sights and Sounds

My in-laws arrived last Thursday, so I’ve been quite busy.  Apologies for the late update, but here it is:

Day 93 – Today was the first day I noticed buds on the trees.  I’m always fascinated by how one day there aren’t any, and the next the tree is full of them.   Buds on the trees always get me excited too, because it’s proof that spring is finally here.  Goodbye Winter Blahs!!!

Day 94 – Late in the evening, my husband and I sat out in our backyard.  We are fortunate enough to live in the city, but be in a quiet area.
The road at the back of our house hardly gets any traffic and is lined with trees.  It was a particularly windy evening and, instead of chatting, he and I listened to the leaves dancing across the pavement.  Dried leaves and branches make beautiful music together.

Day 95 – Do you know what’s better than a freshly painted kitchen and hallway?  A freshly painted kitchen and hallway paid for and completed by someone else!  My in-laws are the best.

Day 96 – While at my parents’ place for Easter, I decided to bunker down with AJ for her nap.  I don’t normally sleep in the same bed with her, because she’d rather play than sleep most of the time.  But she quieted down and a few minutes later my husband joined us.  The three of us slept soundly together for most of the afternoon.  It was so sweet.

Day 97 – I love this song.  And it has so much more meaning for me now.

Day 98 – I’m not usually a fan of storms.  They scare me.  But last night’s storm was made alright with a bit of imagination.  I opened up my window as wide as it would go because I noticed that the sound reminded me of my honeymoon camping in the Rockies.  I lay down and close my eyes and I was there again.    The storm wasn’t so scary anymore.

Day 37 – A Change is as Good as a Rest

We moved into our first home that we (i.e. the bank) own in early August 2009.  I promised myself that we’d live here for a year before doing any major redecorating.   There just doesn’t seem to be any point in drastically changing things until they’ve been given a chance.  That, and we can’t afford it because we just “bought” a house.

But my hubby and I couldn’t help but notice that certain rooms were, to put it mildly, getting us down.  They just weren’t comfortable and/or functional.

So we decided to take matters into our own hands.  With a few bucks for paint and simple accessories, we transformed our downstairs bathroom.

Our lower level bathroom has no windows, is very dark and is barely bigger than a closet.  Not at all pleasant.  So we took a risk and painted it an orangy-white.  The pictures don’t do it justice, but I think  it’s beautiful.  Every day, when I walk into that room now, I smile.  A simple color change has made all the difference.  Or maybe that’s the aromatherapy candle?  Either way, I like it.



Spare Bedroom BEFORE

Spare Bedroom IN PROGRESS

P.S. Stay tuned for the next transformation… dark-green spare bedroom will magically change into a sunny office… a work still in progress