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Day 2 – Winter Wonderland

I am NOT a fan of winter. I dislike wearing layers. I loathe driving in storms. I don’t appreciate how long it takes to get two kids dressed for the elements. And I definitely don’t like shoveling. The other day I went outside with my father to clear the drive and A-J joined us. Bundled … Continue reading

Day 1 – A very good place to start

(By the way, you might want to read the previous post before carrying on.) Memories. They are such amazing things.  You can have such a visceral full-body response at simply the thought of someone, or something or somewhere.  While this may not be the desired effect when thinking of a past uncomfortable, sad or difficult … Continue reading

What is this?

This blog started as one thing, and then a major life altering moment turned it into something slightly different. In early 2010, I was married with two kids, a new home, an amazing career and a full, exciting life… by all appearances anyway.   My husband suggested that I start writing a blog.  This piece … Continue reading