Day 196 – I’m Yours (kid-style)

I spent a lot of time on Day 195’s beautiful thing yesterday and I rediscovered videos of this amazingly talented kid playing the ukulele.  You might have already seen him because some of his videos have gone viral.  Still, he is worth watching over and over again.  What he does is art in some of its purest form.  He’s naturally talented and he genuinely seems to love what he does, which in turn makes us the audience go right along with him.

I dare you not to smile.

Day 57 – Oh to be a Kid Again!

I found one of these at the grocery store on sale for a ridiculously low price the other day and just couldn’t stop myself from buying it.

I mean, look at it!   It’s a thing of beauty.  I would have adored having something like this as a kid.  Glitter, metallic, neon, the old standbys… this thing has it all.  AND, it has a built-in sharpener.  AND AND, it’s telescopic!

I dare you not to look at that and want to get down on the floor with it, a piece of paper and a snack… stat!