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#12 – Pier

#12 – Pier

While I was waiting in line to grab a coffee before my meeting with Kate, I ran into Pier.  I don’t think he and I have properly spoken in a long time.  Maybe even years.  Sure, we’re friends on Facebook.  I stay up to date with his company’s work, but it’s been a while since … Continue reading

#11 – Kate

#11 – Kate

My friend Kate has given me an amazing opportunity: the chance to direct again.  I’m not just directing any play.  I’ll be working in the theatre for young audiences realm, specifically for kids 5 to 9.  Wheee!   I feel like Kate and I have a special bond.  We have daughters near the same age.  … Continue reading

Day 305 – Bling

42 days into my 45 straight workdays without a day off, and I come home to find this on my pillow. Not only did my amazing friend Bryony take two babysitting shifts at the last minute, she also brought gear with her so my little ladies could make me a beautiful present. I’m such a … Continue reading

Day 256 – 261 – Where Did The Time Go?

I can’t believe it’s been almost a week since I blogged last.  Time flies when you’re, well, struggling.  I wasn’t necessarily that busy, but finding a few seconds to sit down quietly at my computer has been difficult.  (The operative word there was “quietly”… actually, it could have been “sit” too.) Day 256 – Day … Continue reading

Day 219 – Excuses Excuses

AJ is not a baby anymore.  She is a big girl and she knows it.  She’s asserting herself  by whining.   She goes out of her way to protect her baby sister.  But my favorite “growing up” thing she does right now is come up with excuses as to why she can’t say certain things. My … Continue reading

Day 194 – Christmas in July

Our family helps out with testing toys for an amazing site. It’s a pretty fabulous deal. Our kids get to test out a load of toys (we’ve had anywhere from 1 to 15 in our possession at any given time). We get to share our opinions. They get posted on the website, which then helps … Continue reading

Day 191-192 – Planned Spontaneity

Day 191 – My husband and I have finally planned a mini-holiday to Murphy’s Point Provincial Park. We’ve never been there, but it’s only 1.5 hours away and it looks beautiful, so it seems like a good option. The kids have never been camping before, so we decided to break out the new tent (a.k.a. … Continue reading

Day 188-189 – Mindlessness

Day 188 – Stewart gave me the most appropriate post-festival present he could have given me: LEGO Harry Potter for the Wii. I know, this probably wasn’t what you were expecting, but it’s a beautiful thing to me.  After all the thinking, deciding, trying, expecting, anticipating and generally hard-working, this game is perfect for me.  … Continue reading