Day 8 – Like Stars on Earth

If you haven’t seen “Like Stars on Earth” before, then you must see it now!  It’s due to be released here in Canada on January 12th.  I saw it tonight because having a husband who manages a Blockbuster has serious perks.

It’s the story of an 8-year-old boy  who struggles in school and in life until a teacher, who takes the time to get to know him, discovers that he’s dyslexic.    It’s inspiring, good storytelling and completely beautiful.

Why you ask?

– It’s simply gorgeous to look at.

– I am a big fan of the theatricality in Indian films and this one doesn’t disappoint. Do you want over-the-top, but still believable characters?  Got it!  Do you want a huge, exhilarating dancer number.  It’s got that too!

– It has a fantastic and complex soundtrack… one that makes you want to dance one moment and cry the next.

– The performances are superb, funny and heart wrenching.

– This movie reminded me that every child is special.  Not everyone is destined for “greatness”, but they are destined for something that is uniquely “them”.  And that should always be celebrated.

Yep.  “Like Stars on Earth”… beautiful movie.