#8 – Shane

Shane with his beautiful daughter and wife.

I have a strange way of making friends.  I mean, I meet people pretty much the same way everyone else does, but I go about choosing my “keeper” friends oddly.  #8 and #9 are such people.

Do I remember exactly when I met Shane?  Nope.  I know he did community theatre with my Mom and I was involved backstage somehow.  I was quite young and don’t have the clearest memories of my community theatre days.   Once I got involved, I got heavily involved, and one production blends into another.

What I do remember clearly is that Shane was part of a group of crazy boys (men?) that I admired and loved very much.  They were (are?) smart, witty, creative, rambunctious, and fiercely loyal to each other.  They all pretty much treated me like a little sister (though I thought most of them were hawt!) and protected me.   Our families knew each other well and spent a lot of time together, but I was still the “kid” through most of it.

There was a lapse in time where Shane and I didn’t really speak or see each other.  Too long of a story to mention, but he was back in town when I turned 20 (or was it 21?  Again… a blur) and he took me out for an amazing day that resulted in drinks and getting my navel pierced.

Though we were good acquaintances up until that point, that one day of sharing, confiding, hugging, and celebrating made us brother and sister.   One day is all it took.

And it’s been that way ever since.

He lives on the other side of the world now with his beautiful family.

But he’s still my Big Bro.  Taking care of me from afar.

#4 – Kris

I miss Kris.

He’s moved to Edmonton with his beau to start a new life and stretch his actor wings out West.   His partner recently proposed.  Kris accepted.  I couldn’t be happier for them.

Kris makes me feel good.  He’s a beautiful man, inside and out.  His speaking voice make me melt.  He’s as much at home singing show tunes as he is reciting sonnets.  Passionate, driven and insanely witty, Kris’s major problems are that he is too talented and has too many possibilities ahead of him.

He is a great listening and advice-giver.  He is kinky and dirty and sweet and charming.  He is confident without being cocky.  Outspoken without being brash.

Collaborating with Kris on projects has always given me the warm fuzzies… feeling understood, challenged, stimulated and fulfilled.  (Solely in the theatrical, creative sense people!)

When we lived in the same city we didn’t see each other much, but every coffee we did have together was a treat.  Now that he lives far away, he sometimes sends me cute tweets that make my day.

I miss Kris.


Featured image of Kris and Nadine is used with permission from the amazingly talented Kym Shumsky.  You should check out her 100 Strangers Project.  It’s lovely.  And, yes, I am biased. 

#3 – Michelle

Smart and sassy, Michelle is one of my longest friends.  We met doing community theatre and I was amazed with her positive spirit, grace, and beautiful voice.

She moved away for university and then spent what felt like forever building a career for herself, eventually starting her own ESL school in Japan.  Needless to say keeping in touch was difficult.

Her life hasn’t always been easy but she’s strong, determined, and fierce.

Sadly, she forgets how amazing she is sometime.  I take it upon myself to remind her as often as I can.

She’s recently moved back to Canada and will be (any second now) embarking on her biggest challenge yet… motherhood.  I can only imagine how excited and terrified she must be.  I know I was.  She’ll be living in Toronto once the baby’s born and, while I know that’s where her heart is leading her, I can’t help but be a bit sad that distance will come between us again.

Through ups and downs, her smile is always contagious.   Warm, creative, caring and exuberant, Michelle will be an amazing mom. Though our time in the same city has been brief, and I haven’t taken advantage of it like I should have, I plan on making sure she regularly knows how wonderful she is and how much I love her.