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#13 – Dad (The Birthday Edition)

#13 – Dad (The Birthday Edition)

If you ask my Dad to recount any stories of my birth and my first year of age, you’ll be out of luck. He saw me enter the world through the hospital room window.  After much false labour, it only took a couple of hours of “real” labour for me to make my appearance.  He … Continue reading

Day 262-263 – Looking Back

Day 262 – Someone tagged a picture of me on Facebook that brought back beautiful memories.  When I was 16 (17?), I travelled to Spain with my dance troupe (and mother as one of the chaperones).  It was a huge learning experience for me.  Some of the most memorable moments include: – Ordering a screwdriver … Continue reading

Day 57 – Oh to be a Kid Again!

I found one of these at the grocery store on sale for a ridiculously low price the other day and just couldn’t stop myself from buying it. I mean, look at it!   It’s a thing of beauty.  I would have adored having something like this as a kid.  Glitter, metallic, neon, the old standbys… this … Continue reading

Day 1 – A very good place to start

(By the way, you might want to read the previous post before carrying on.) Memories. They are such amazing things.  You can have such a visceral full-body response at simply the thought of someone, or something or somewhere.  While this may not be the desired effect when thinking of a past uncomfortable, sad or difficult … Continue reading