Day 265-272 – Ode to Autumn

I have been sick.  For a whole week now.  And I am Not Happy about it.

Still.  I’ve tried to make notes of small beauties throughout the week.

So, here I am.  In bed with my laptop and a fever, finally updating the blog.  Apologies for the delay.

Day 265 –

I swear this tree had green leaves the day before. How does nature work so frickin fast?

Day 266 –

What's more beautiful than leaves changing color?

Wet leaves changing color!

Day 267 –

With this change of season comes the inevitable return back to school.   I see a lot of beauty in this because I have two amazing teaching jobs that bring me loads of joy.  Being a professor at the University of Ottawa, lecturing in the same classrooms I learned theatre theory in is a great honor.  On the flipside, I also get a huge amount of joy from teaching at Orleans Young Players Theatre School.  I had my first day back recently and I felt more nervous than the kids.  That anxiety went away the minute I sat down with 6 kids (ages 5 and 6) and worked on creating our own story.  It involved lots of falling down, running and fixing things.  We all physically re-enacted the story with great gusto, causing me to break out in a sweat trying to keep up with these little balls of energy.  They are so beautiful sometimes.

Day 268 –

"Time-outs" can be a beautiful thing.

Day 269 –

This has absolutely nothing to do with autumn, but the video was posted on Facebook recently and I am a sucker for great dancing.

Day 270 –

With the colder comes an urge to do more baking.  I think it’s a real toss-up.  I’m not sure what’s more beautiful:  Fully-baked brownies, or being able to lick the brownie batter off the spoon?

Day 271 –

Lil B, belly-laughing in her sleep.  That is all.

Day 272 –

Waking up from a nap to find that your husband completely tidied up the once-chaotic basement… including re-labelling the rubbermaid containers.  I’m a sucker for good organisation.