Day 125 and 126 – Bright

Day 125 – I posted this on my Twitter today, but I still wanted to include on my blog.   I think Lil’B is the smartest baby ever!  Ok, maybe not, but she is cute though.  Check her out:

Day 126 – I’m usually not a fan of driving in the rain, especially at night, but tonight was different.  Even though the glare was very overwhelming to look at, I tried to find the beauty in it.  There was something especially stunning in the way street lamps and green traffic lights reflected on the wet pavement.  And the sky was so dark, you almost couldn’t tell where the road ended and the sky began.  Pretty neat.  Not exactly loads of fun to drive in, but still.

Day 30 – Music to my Ears

I had a day filled with beautiful sounds today.  If I tried to describe them  in detail, it wouldn’t do them justice.  So, instead, in short form, here are the top three sounds I heard today:

Number 3 – The young voices of my OYP kids performing

“Singing in the Rain”.

Number 2 – Beatrice’s laugh when kissed/tickled by her Daddy.

Number 1 – The sound resulting from both kids being in bed… silence.