#8 – Shane

Shane with his beautiful daughter and wife.

I have a strange way of making friends.  I mean, I meet people pretty much the same way everyone else does, but I go about choosing my “keeper” friends oddly.  #8 and #9 are such people.

Do I remember exactly when I met Shane?  Nope.  I know he did community theatre with my Mom and I was involved backstage somehow.  I was quite young and don’t have the clearest memories of my community theatre days.   Once I got involved, I got heavily involved, and one production blends into another.

What I do remember clearly is that Shane was part of a group of crazy boys (men?) that I admired and loved very much.  They were (are?) smart, witty, creative, rambunctious, and fiercely loyal to each other.  They all pretty much treated me like a little sister (though I thought most of them were hawt!) and protected me.   Our families knew each other well and spent a lot of time together, but I was still the “kid” through most of it.

There was a lapse in time where Shane and I didn’t really speak or see each other.  Too long of a story to mention, but he was back in town when I turned 20 (or was it 21?  Again… a blur) and he took me out for an amazing day that resulted in drinks and getting my navel pierced.

Though we were good acquaintances up until that point, that one day of sharing, confiding, hugging, and celebrating made us brother and sister.   One day is all it took.

And it’s been that way ever since.

He lives on the other side of the world now with his beautiful family.

But he’s still my Big Bro.  Taking care of me from afar.

Day 155-161 – All Grown Up

Apologies for the lack of updating. I finally took some time off. I’ve been told it’s also called a “vacation”. Strange word. Anyway, I’ve been having a blast the past week and will now happily share photos galore of my adventures.

Day 155 – After a couple of months of failed attempts, I finally got together with two of my Tweeps for an afternoon of shopping. This was a beautiful moment for me for many reasons. 1) I essentially know these ladies best through Twitter. We have the same circle of friends, but aren’t actually “friends”. I sense that this will change. 2) Jes is hoping to break out of her 9-5 and go into the personal shopping/styling/fashion guru business and wanted to test out her skills on Nadine and I. How cool is it to have someone helping you who has an awesome sense of style and who understand your needs and your budget? Pretty damn cool, I’ll tell you that. For under $400, I have a solid summer wardrobe that will easily transition to Fall and should be classic enough to transfer to next summer too.

I’m such a girl!

Day 156-160 – I was only on a trip for 3 days, but the memories are still with me. A great friend of mine and his fantastic fiancé invited us to their lakeside cottage. When I said cottage, I mean a proper log cabin, but with the perks of running water, toilet, stone fireplace and a kitchen big enough to make some mighty good meals. Here are some shots of the awesomeness that was my time off.

First boat ride

The fireplace (It sure was helpful when the temp dipped under 10 degrees)

There's nothing quite so beautiful as a happy baby after a spaghetti dinner.

And it has slide and swing set. AJ was sold!

A walk in the woods (flower picking and wild strawberry eating ensued)

The sun finally came out.

Chilled Out Family

Day 161 –

In honor of the women in my family…

In honor of my bi-cultural and bilingual heritage…

In memory of my first Fringe as Executive Producer…

In celebration of being a strong, sexy and confident woman…

I present to you, my first tattoo.