Day 196 – I’m Yours (kid-style)

I spent a lot of time on Day 195’s beautiful thing yesterday and I rediscovered videos of this amazingly talented kid playing the ukulele.  You might have already seen him because some of his videos have gone viral.  Still, he is worth watching over and over again.  What he does is art in some of its purest form.  He’s naturally talented and he genuinely seems to love what he does, which in turn makes us the audience go right along with him.

I dare you not to smile.

Day 71, 72, 73 – Inspiration (now with video THAT WORKS!)

Forgive me if this post is based on children again, but it’s hard not to write about them.  They’re around me all the time.

Day 71 – Musical awesomeness

Because we’re that type of family, we just happened to have two ukuleles kicking around our kitchen.  Stewart started playing one so AJ could play with the second one.  But AJ had a different idea.  She passed the uke to one of our good (and talented) friends.  Stewart and he jammed together while AJ muttered her invented lyrics and swung her arms about.  Who cares if both instruments where out of tune?  AJ sure didn’t.

And I caught it all on camera.

Day 72 – I spent some of my time with my OYP class looking at pieces of art in the Shenkman.  I asked them to look at all the pieces, choose a favorite and then explain to the group what inspires them about the painting.    Not one of the 10 kids chose the same one.  And all of them were able to express themselves, vividly and creatively saying why they liked the painting.   These kids are between the ages of 8 and 11!  They were then able to return to the studio and create comedic scenes based on the art they just admired.  I was so amazed by the stuff they came up with.  Sometimes I wish I were as energetic, imaginative, free and hopeful as these kids are.

Day 73 – You are never too young to start dressing up.