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Day 284-287 Growing Up (Or Not)

Day 284 – This little bit of beauty was a big deal to me:   I turned 31. To say that my thirties have been an, um,  adventure so far is a gross understatement.  Raised as an only child having only met my 1/2 sister 13 years ago, I always looked forward to birthday for … Continue reading

Day 101-105 – This Too Shall Pass

In honor of the major ICK I had to deal with (and then recover from) over the past 5 days, here is some small beauties: Day 101 – Mommies… no matter how much they can wind you up, there are times when I realise how lucky I am to have such a supportive family. Day … Continue reading

Day 68 – Vacation

When I was in the bath tonight, I noticed something. If I lay back far enough to be able to look at the water’s surface, it can seem like I’m in one if those infinity pools showcased in many seaside resort brochures. Gentle blue waves of a pool blending with the ocean waves far off … Continue reading