Day 147 – The Language of Love

Or more aptly put, the title should probably be “The Language I Love”.  Listening to what my two tiny children come up with as they learn to speak brings me so much joy every day.

Bea’s recent words:

-Na-na (Translation: Banana)

– Me-Me-Me (Translation:  I would like that for myself please.)

– Juice (Translation: To mean any beverage)

– “Plaît” (Short form for s.v.p.)

– Peas (Her version of Please)

– No! (Translation:  No way no how!)

– Tank coo (Translation: Thank you)

– Yah (Translation: Yes)

AJ’s recent words/phrases:

– Wiccup (Better known as  hiccup)

– Tastas (Better known as pasta)

– Mec (a combination of the french “bec” and the sound a kiss makes, mwah)

– Mec me in (Translation: tuck me in)

– hurr (Translation: Hair)

– My don’t want to! (Which is still her favorite thing to say.)

Day 27 – Today’s Word Encounters


(as in: “Yay for retail therapy and getting new accoutrement for the downstairs bathroom.”)


(as in: “Gee your hair is voluminous today.”)


(as in: “I am optimistic that I’m going to have a good week.”)

Did you have any beautiful word encounters?