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Day 152 – Getting High

Today, the Fringe was officially launched.  Tickets are now on sale for performances running from June 17th to the 27th.  Forgive me if this sounds like an advertisement.  It’s not meant to be. …though business-Natalie can’t help but spread the word as much as possible… I’ve been shaking all day.  The excitement was almost unbearable.  … Continue reading

Day 140 – R-E-S-P-E-C-T

I’ve said it many times before that a huge part of a theatre director’s job is casting.  If it’s good, then the show is usually good too.  Well I’m finally getting a taste of what that’s like in the business world too. I don’t want to jinx myself, though I’m afraid I probably already have, … Continue reading

Day 113-114 – They Grow up so Fast!

Day 113 – Post-its and folders and stickers… oh my! I’ve had the amazing fortune of being hired to teach stage management at the University of Ottawa this term.  The entire class has been an exercise not only in gaining a better understanding of what it is to be a stage manager, but also in … Continue reading

Day 106 – My Titles

I play many roles in my life… sometimes too many to count.  Sometimes in my daze of going through the motions, I forget who I am. Today I overheard the Fringe administrator talking to a friend on the phone and the words that stood out were “My Boss“.  For a second, I didn’t know who … Continue reading

Day 77 and 78 – Facets of my Jobs

I am learning to embrace uncertainty, confusion and precedence. I am learning to take my time to look at decisions from all angles even if it means deciding to go a different direction. I am confident in my abilities. I embrace not always having the answers. I enjoy the rush I get watching the results … Continue reading

Day 50 through 53 – Beautiful but Busy

Woah! Where has the time gone?  So much beauty has passed by and I haven’t had time to write about it all.  So here goes… my last four days of beautiful discoveries. Day 50 – I had a moment when I was at work, when last week’s job-related tasks flashed before my eyes… Meetings with … Continue reading

Day 41 – Generations

Today’s beautiful moment is brought to you by the Ottawa Fringe Festival. I had a meeting today with two great guys.  I’ll give you a hint: they’re both past Fringe Executive Producers and are both still highly involved in current Fringe activities. At one point, we were standing outside in the sunshine on Rideau street.  … Continue reading