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Day 93-98 – Sights and Sounds

My in-laws arrived last Thursday, so I’ve been quite busy.  Apologies for the late update, but here it is: Day 93 – Today was the first day I noticed buds on the trees.  I’m always fascinated by how one day there aren’t any, and the next the tree is full of them.   Buds on the … Continue reading

Day 34 – Coming out of the Closet

Ok, I’ll admit it.  I’ll come out. I am an avid song-maker-upper. Please don’t judge me. Maybe this stems from being raised as an only child and having lots of time to myself, chatting to my imaginary friends.   Creating scenarios, many of which involved spontaneous musical numbers.    Am I alone here?  Anybody?  …sigh. You’d think … Continue reading

Day 29 – A Song in my Heart

I happily admit that I am huge musical theatre lover and the director/performer in me can’t help but find huge amounts of  beauty in a well constructed, perfectly timed, emotionally driven musical theatre performance. I dare you to listen to any of these and not instantly feel good.