Posted in December 2011

The Day After

The Day After

Boxing Day has always felt like the lesser-holiday.  The day after.  It’s often kind of a let down.  Low key.  With that feeling of not knowing what to do with yourself.   So, I decide to do another hourly photo post.  To see if Boxing Day is as much of a let down this year as … Continue reading

My Merry Christmas

My Merry Christmas

The holidays this year have been restful and relaxing. The best part about them has been having so much quality time with my girls, without any work pressures or other stresses.  I appreciate them so much more when I don’t have a dozen other things on my plate. This is the second year in a … Continue reading

Day 365 – The Finale

721 days, over 15,000 hits, 365 beautiful things, and finally the journey is complete. And now, for the finale, the last bit of beauty that has brought me joy… CHANGE. I don’t deal with change well. I never have. I can see it in my daughters too. I’ve passed on that certain inflexibility to them. … Continue reading

Day 364 – Aura

I’m not talking about a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person or object here.  I’m talking about the perceptual visual disturbances migraine sufferers get, usually before the pain hits. One is  light and fluffy and lovely.  The other is disorienting, anxiety-inducing, and just plain strange. My mom told me she used to get … Continue reading

Day 363 – Doing it Right?

I’ve been fortunate.  I’ve felt pretty darn confident doing 95% of the jobs I’ve had in my life .  Motherhood is *not* one of them. Most of the time I really don’t feel like I know what I am doing.  I’m flying by the seat of my pants.  Constantly looking under the couch and behind … Continue reading

Day 360 – “Regarde Maman!!!”

I have neither the money, the time, nor the inclination to hang Christmas lights outside my house. And while some of my neighbours’ “light shows” are more tastefully done than others, I am grateful for the nightly walk home from school with my little ladies and their constant “Regarde Maman” exclamations.

Day 359 – Smells Like…

Walking past the (freshly?) cut trees all in row outside of my grocery store. The smell of pine wafting towards me. Reminds me of being a kid, crawling under the Christmas tree to water it. Coming out with sap and needles in my hair.   Volunteering in my eldest’s classroom. Putting cloves into marshmallow snowmen. … Continue reading