Posted in April 2011

Day 312 – The Weeping Willow

I can’t remember how old I was when I saw a documentary (or was it a PSA?) on the importance of trees to the earth…removing carbon dioxide from the air blahblahblah.  The point is, what I remembered most from the program was that trees enrich our landscape and our lives.  So, in my tiny childlike … Continue reading

Day 311 – New Little Sis

One night not too long ago, at a pub with friends, I met a very special young woman.  I found out she was in Ottawa on exchange… studying law… she looked young enough to still be figuring out her major and yet here she was all by her lonesome… far away from her family and … Continue reading

Day 309 – Memories, Short and Sweet

My parents took me and the girls to la “Cabane à sucre des Pins Verts” on Sunday.  If you try to google it, you’ll find many references *about* it, but not much on how to actually find the place.  It’s a fairly small family business owned by the Lavignes.   I’ve known these people since I … Continue reading